Автобусный тур охватит 15 городов России: среди «соседи» – Челябинск (1-3 июня) и Екатеринбург (8-10 июня), и продлится с 11 мая по 1 июля.
Следующая остановка - Челябинск
текст поста
текст поста
Admission costs
Kids under 10, students and seniors
Day Pass
One-day pass for the main exhibition site, some talks and events
Week Pass
Valid for the whole expo period. Includes main exhibition site, all talks and events
ИЮНЬ 13, 20:00
Opening of the Fair at the Main Pavilion with Mike Mitchell, director of the National Book Association.
ИЮНЬ 14, 13:00
Meeting with the author of the book as well as actors and director of the film "The Most" screening of the film based on the book will follow after the Q&A.
ИЮНЬ 17, 19:00
"From Alpha to Omega" – a presentation and interview with Michael Title, the proclaimed author of the book.
ИЮНЬ 19, 11:00
Calligraphy lesson from Bai Chan. Participants will receive a workbook for practice and calligraphy templates.
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